Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Visit to Three Cheeky Monkeys

I took a little detour to Three Cheeky Monkeys at the Westside Pavillion, where I've visited my friends - Julie and Cynthia at the store. They are both so darn cute, aren't they? For some reason, they all love me so much, and I'm so popular there. Okay okay, I'm sounding a little too conceited, but what can I say, I'm one of their top selling items, that explains why I have to clone myself as fast as I can for Three Cheeky Monkeys to take advantage of me. So come see me in the Westside Pavilion Mall on Pico in West Los Angeles.

When people say that they can't be sold, do you think that is true? It seems to me that every popular things have a price, and not everything is priceless like Mastercard says, too. I am not too expensive, it depends on how much my friend values me really, but you can definitely put a price on me. I'm worth $25.95 in my own store, without the shipping and handling charge of course. My friends think that I'm worth more than that, and the great thing is that you can pick me up instantly at their stores. What a trade off!

Here is what my friends said about me, and yes, I'm on camera again. :-) Ciao for now!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello World! My name is Kookle, I am a fun set of nesting dolls that loves to motivate you to be creative, cultural, and fun-loving. With my great therapeutic personality, I can help you relieve stress through artistic expression. I love to be many characters when I want to be - sometime you will see me in my pirate, army, scientist, cute girl, and King Tut costume. I am going to stop talking too much about myself now, I certainly do not want to sound like a conceited Kookle. But here is a picture of myself, and what I have to offer:

5 stackable nesting dolls, two paint brushes, a set of acrylic paint, and a color mix chart!

I normally look like this after work, and that day I had to go see a client at "Art Supply Warehouse" in Westminister, and you know - I have to look like a smart sales man, right?

(Courtesy of Art Supply Warehouse)

More to come...Like I said, I'm a very interesting person, with multiple personalities, but I don't have a multiple personality disorder! Don't worry, I'll try not to bore you on your next visit, I promise! I'll show you some videos of me entertaining in different exhibition shows, and I'll show you when I'm famous on different magazines and newspapers (don't worry, I'm not a non-reachable celebrity).